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About foundation

Who We Are

Nyalenda Shelter of Hope was a brain child idea of two young teenagers, Wilistone Juma and Bazil Baraza. The two were initially street boys in Kisumu city Kenya for a period of 11 years. Having been lucky to quit street life through some well-wishers help, they saw it wise to come up with a plan to help rescue the young children faced by myriads of community problems especially the street children and orphans.

As Nyalenda Shelter of Hope, we believe in team work. We welcome any genuine help from every individual or any christian like-minded organization/group provided it can help create a positive impact in the life of our vulnerable community members. God loves to see Christians working together  submitting to His will.

Romans 15:1 ” We who are strong in faith should help the weak with their weaknesses, and not please only ourselves”

Our Vision

Transformation and development

Our Mission

To transform and promote socio-economic and spiritual development among members, hence give a meaningful life

Our Core Values

Accountability; Integrity; Respect; Honesty; Community Service; Empowering the people; Innovation; Inclusivity.

we are committed


Nyalenda Shelter of Hope is a registered Community Based Organization with a certified registration documents under Ministry of East Africa Community, Labour and Social Protection Department of Social Development. Our Certificate No. is 52053 and the C.B.O No. is 0207/020.

The Organization head office is located at Nyalenda ‘B’ ward, Kisumu East Constituency of Kenya approximately 700 metres from the shores of Lake Victoria. 

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Our Beneficiaries

Currently we support vulnerable children from the community aged 15 years and below. Majorly orphans and street children. We also try to cooperate the elderly, those highly vulnerable, but it’s of a big challenge due to scarce resources both material and financial. It’s our desire that when the organization become stable, we shall also look into ways of helping the older youths, men and women, those with problems such as drug addiction, education, need to start, maintain or expand businesses activities.

we are committed

Other Beneficiaries

We  support 4 kids total orphans with school needs, we have also managed to reunify 23 children from the streets of Kisumu back to their homes and they are living happily. Last but not least we have managed to lease some pieces of lands where we do farming activities as a way of adopting a multifaceted approaches for more efficient and sustainable agricultural practices aimed at improving ways and means of food production for better living standards and sustainable socio-economic take-off

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Our Aims/Objectives

  • To mentor the youths through sports, community services
          and hands-on skills training to help them grow into
          responsible citizens.
  • Promote the spiritual well-being through offering bible study
          classes to the members, providing them with learning
           materials and study facilitation.
  • To promote education and improve health care system
          through financial, material and technical support. 
  • To promote economic prosperity by investing in and/or
          supporting commercial agriculture, prevention and
          eradication of crop and livestock pests and diseases and
          promotion of alternative food crops.
  • To fund raise and/or secure funding and/or material and
          human capital (personnel) from local, regional, national and
          international institutions and use these resources to support
          all our objectives.

See how to help?

Children need
Provide essential items needed by children aged 15 years and below.
Your impact
Donate finances to help us offer the best conditions to the children we support.
Volunteer your time at our camps. We really could use a hand.
Preach our message of hope. Let people know why we exist.