Our Programs

Our project is situated in an area with high number of orphans, semi orphan and people living with disabilities.These groups of persons have a cute problems due to urbanization, industrialization, Re-marriage of deserted/widowed/divorced women, death of parents because of disease such as HIV/AIDS,  absence of love and security in the families,Family disputes, Unwanted pregnancies and use of harmful drugs;the victims are left without care and support. They end up engaging in antisocial criminal activities; drug abuse and trafficking, rag picking, pick pocketing and other criminal activities as a way of making a living.

Nyalenda shelter of hope therefore,envisage mainstreaming these group of persons in the national building by providing care, support and protection. We do this by reaching them wherever they are under different support programs. These programs include; Education and Outreach, Community Developments, Health and Support services.

Education and outreach

At shelter of Hope we offer both formal and non-formal education support.

There is a saying, ‘an investment in education is an investment in our community’s future. At shelter of hope, we ensure education support to the less fortunate children, orphans and marginalized community youths are met and given first priority.

Community Development

As far as our research is concerned most of African countries are still developing hence faced with various problems/Challenges. For instance, Kenya having a blend of several different cultures, and ethnic groups living together just like Uganda and other neighboring countries, is blessed with rich natural resources (Limestone, Soda-Ash, salt, an abundance of wild life etc. to name a few) and vegetation.

Health and Support Services

Majority of African countries have inadequate hospitals to solve the health problems of the continually growing population. I have to confess that our people in Africa die of the treatable diseases. Specialized treatments such as cancer and complicated surgeries must be done abroad hence capital to flight. So much is the Medical Tourism that Africa is losing her much-needed funds to the more established countries.