Health and Support Services

Health and Support Services

Majority of African countries have inadequate hospitals to solve the health problems of the continually growing population. I have to confess that our people in Africa die of the treatable diseases. Specialized treatments such as cancer and complicated surgeries must be done abroad hence capital to flight. So much is the Medical Tourism that Africa is losing her much-needed funds to the more established countries.

Shelter of hope seek to address these challenges by making “the people” believe that their health should be their first priority. We do this by organizing campaign and advocacy awareness seminars. We collaborate with local health departmental heads to reach the community where we teach them safe hygiene and leaving standards such as growing healthy foods, reducing neighboring wastes, planting trees, we go as far as offering nutrition meal supports to the marginalized groups, help on cleaning the parks and the streets, administer basic treatment to the affected street families and other community members.


Health Programme

We do routine community and street visits to check on children and their health challenges. Those that we can afford to help are referred to affordable hospitals for assistance.
For some of the kids, we seek help from various organization within the community and ensure that they are helped. 
We found a street kid who was sick and we had to take him to the hospital for treatment

Weekly Feeding Programme

The weekly feeding programme is done three times a week for the children who come daily to the shelter of hope for our programme activities.
Most of the children are from the street and while others are from the community.
We assemble assemble them together and have activities like drawing, discussions on their future life through counseling program, and  if we find those willing to quit the street life we accept them into our rehabilitation program of which is about 4 months. We then try to reunite them with their families back home.
Those successfully reunited will then later join formal schools under our organization sponsorship.
We try find a way of helping the community children with challenges like food, education support, renovation of their parents’ houses and also assisting the parents, especially the mothers in starting an income generating activity the helps sustain the family