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Shelter of Hope uses the most effective approach e.g. mobilize UBUNTU concept so as to tackle these range of problems from one community to the other. Ubuntu is an African idea of personhood. It entails the social fabric that bonded the African people in their culture of unity, hospitality, care and love for humanity in his intertwined symbiotic relationship with the ecosystem. It’s anchored in the belief that there is no problem insurmountable by man in unity with his society and nature. That when a people are united, such that their combined efforts enables them to take care of one another with love, they will be vibrationally aligned to coexist in consonance within the ecosystem and be able to alleviate hindrances such as poverty, wars amongst other challenges.

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Driven by passion to capacity built, empower and provide quality life to Kenyan Communities, Shelter of hope envision establishment of a more dignified Regional Support Center where a child in need and any marginalized group is given a hope and a future. We will explore the challenges of developing and implementing our work plan through consultation networking.

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Sharing out and prayers with the kids

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