Education and outreach

Education And Outreach

At shelter of Hope we offer both formal and non-formal education support.

There is a saying, ‘an investment in education is an investment in our community’s future. At shelter of hope, we ensure education support to the less fortunate children, orphans and marginalized community youths are met and given first priority.

How do we achieve this..?

Identification through our organization volunteers, the concerned citizens, the police and child-welfare protection departments. After which, we pre-view,offer counselling and Emotionalacceptance. Ones we certified with the candidate, we arrange home visitations, get in touch with relevant authorities and arrange for study in nearby schools according totheirage. We offer school fee and learning material support.


We have managed to pay for education needs of 7 kids and 4 youths in primary
schools and technical vocational trainings respectively

2 New Kids Joined School Successfully

A boy and a girl namely; Washington Mukabi(In white from the left) and Rechel above on the right, managed to successfully start school.

We later took him home for reunion with the family, the teachers in former school and now he is able to go back to school