Community Development

Community Development

As far as our research is concerned most of African countries are still developing hence faced with various problems/Challenges. For instance, Kenya having a blend of several different cultures, and ethnic groups living together just like Uganda and other neighboring countries, is blessed with rich natural resources (Limestone, Soda-Ash, salt, an abundance of wild life etc. to name a few) and vegetation. However, despite the abundance of natural and human resource, it is crippled with so many issues (both natural and manmade) hindering positive development. Shelter of hope seek to build communities based on justice, equality and mutual respect. Community development involves changing the relationships between ordinary people and people in positions of power, so that everyone can take part in the issues that affect their lives.

How we do it…

Shelter of Hope uses the most effective approach e.g. mobilize UBUNTU concept so as to tackle these range of problems from one community to the other. Ubuntu is an African idea of personhood. It entails the social fabric that bonded the African people in their culture of unity, hospitality, care and love for humanity in his intertwined symbiotic relationship with the ecosystem. It’s anchored in the belief that there is no problem insurmountable by man in unity with his society and nature. That when a people are united, such that their combined efforts enables them to take care of one another with love, they will be vibrationally aligned to coexist in consonance within the ecosystem and be able to alleviate hindrances such as poverty, wars amongst other challenges.


Shelter of hope targets particularly women, men, children, the elderly and the poorest of poor families living in Kisumu County and its environ.We ensure these group of people are trained, encouraged and supported to take charge of their livesWe do this by connecting and transfer of innovative ideas with a primary focus of alleviating the chronic poverty, increase and diversify sources of incomein order to build on structures that give solution to nature driven or human health hazards, making community empowered and self-reliant thus ablecope with future livelihoods shocks.


11 families and their house hold have benefited from shelter of hope development programs as follows;

  • 2 women and a man have been assisted on ways to start and run their businesses.
  • 3 youths have been assisted to get vocational trainings for job opportunities on areas of their interest.
  • 5 families have been assisted to adopting a multifaceted approaches for more efficient and sustainable agricultural practices aimed at improving ways and means of food production for better living standards

Sewing Programme

We intend to start a sewing programme that will focus on making reusable dignitary package for ladies (menstruation protection pads) we are in the process of kicking of the program.
We held constructive meetings with the individuals who will help in sewing. We were also blessed and managed to purchase a new sewing machine, ready to to begin the project.
Below are the photos;

Art Point Programme

This programme focuses on life skills provision, to ignite creativity among children enabling them do productive activities of which are dispensed during their lessons in order to eliminate idleness and shape their future.


We have them engaged in various indoor crafts such as drawing, painting, lettering, beadwork, collage, mosaic among others hence their mental attitudes are restored positively.
We ensure learning environment is made conducive, fun-filled and away from the influence of drugs.
Below are some of our drawings from some of the talented kids we have nature through the art point project.

Chicken Rearing Farm

We have a Chicken Rearing Farm which  will is part of the projects that provide sustainability to our organization.
Currently we have at least 300 chicken that we look after, both young and middle aged.